Need to setup two other locations need advice

Ok so its almost been a year and Samba POS is working out pretty good at one location.

There are two other locations that I need to convert from an old pos to the new SambaPOS.

It will be a wipe computer and start new.

What I would like to do, is pregame the sitution like this.
Set up a virtual computer, install SambaPOS5 and import a DB backup, and then modify the menu.
I will need to do this for two locations and they have different menus.

Once I get it like I want it, backup and import the DB at each location and of course pay for new licenses of SambaPOS.

Can I do this without a constant nag screen?

What is my best and easiest course of action to get this going?

No real need for a virtual machine. You can run seperate databases from a single sql server if your using real SQL and not localdb.
After you restore your backup on to dev machine clear out old transactions with the db tools script. The activation messages dont get to intrusive until 500 tickets.

I am using real SQL, I just want to be able to work on it from home. I have a Mac so I was going to run a VM.

Are, on mac, so yet, VM or bootcamp it is.

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No need in doing that. I only support one business owner that has a few shops.