Needing to reset my licence keys weekly

In the last 2 months I have been getting regular issues with the unregistered trial messages on a system that has been working for 15 months with no problem. I am concerned this is to do with the reseller restructure.

Its a pain having to do this every week on all 5 terminals on my system. I hope support for V5 is not going to diminish in favour of whatever new Samba system is being worked on.

I know how to reset the keys but in a working restaurant, I need this to stick and not keep deregistering. The system has become very unreliable in this aspect.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Do you restore databases regularly? Added terminals? Or use training mode? Is automatic backups enabled? Most people do not have this issue including me so something that a few people are doing is causing it.

What version are you using? The most recent version fixes this issue for some people.

Most recent versions posted here now.

You will not see version updates on forum anymore.

I am using 5.1.62. Last month when this started I had restored some databases and renewed 2 terminal PC’s. But not added or changed terminals recently. Automatic backups is enabled on End of Day.
I don’t use training mode .

I don’t know if the download link is to the same version as me because it does not have a release number any more.

5.162 is an older version. There is a new version you should install and when you do reset your keys one more time.

Restoring database can cause it if it’s not the same version.

Here is latest version available:


Yes this is up to resellers to communicate. A good reseller will tell you when a new version is available. Problem is we have a lot of resellers that shouldnt really even be a reseller. Most of them just like the idea of making money and are not really invested in the project.

I am close to launching my own business focused on SambaPOS and part of my strategy will be a regular communication with feature updates or version updates as well as best practices and occasional tips and blogs about the restaurant industry.