Negative recipes and Ingredients


I operate a burger restaurant and all the burgers in my menu come by default with cheese.
I’ve set up the inventory and recipes such that, there is a product, linked to an order tag which is called “without cheese”, now i’ve created a product “without cheese” that is linked to this order tag. In the recipe i’ve defined this product to be "-1’ of “cheese slice” with the cheese slice being the inventory item.

However, it seems that this program is unable to handle negative recipes, so if out of 10 burgers, one is without cheese it won’t show that 9 cheese slices have been consumed but rather 10. Is there any way to enable negative recipes for burgers?


Your correct. SambaPOS doesn’t work like that.
Instead, have Cheese as an Order Tag and in the Menu -> Edit Product Properties, enter Cheese under Order Tags to automatically select Cheese when you select the product. Tapping on Cheese will then remove it and it will not be consumed on the order or in inventory.
This is the result you are after, just a different way to go about it.

Hmm … thanks … but shouldn’t it allow negative amounts? Would make things a lot easier i feel :slight_smile:
There are problems with having this as the default option.

To have negative amounts is assuming that your actually putting inventory back into stock.
What problems are you talking about ?

I have a client that for their Hamburger with the Works, wants all ingredients listed as Order Tags and selected by default when you select Hamburger - Lot. Then they tap the Order Tags to remove what the customer doesn’t want. Mind you, the Hamburger - Plain is just the reverse, with the same Order Tags, just not selected as default.

How does that work with the tickets then? Is it possible to show on a ticket that the customer ordered the burger without cheese? Or is it only possible to print all the ingredients on the bill (or nothing at all)?

Hello. I was planning to implement an action to directly update order tag quantities. Not related with that topic but that will allow us to show a popup (with ask question) on specific order tags to ask quantity. For example think of ice cream sellers and when they choose a flavor we can ask ice ball quantity.

When thought we can use same action to negate order tag quantity. When we update order tag quantity as -1 it should add to inventory instead of decreasing it. That means recipe will decrease inventory, order tag increase it back so tagging an order that contains cheese with a tag like Without Cheese will result with no change on Cheese inventory. I didn’t tested it but it may work. I’ll be happy if you can test it with next update and let me know your results.

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I wish I could, but unfortunately I’m restricted to V3 right now. My staff are all Chinese and can’t read a word of English so without multilingual support in V4 the system is pretty much useless for me. I would love to upgrade to V4 if there was anyway to have it fully multilingual, and would have no problem to pay for it either. I’m sure this is something that’s holding back a lot of people to upgrade. I don’t see any reason why anybody would want to keep using V3 if it weren’t for that (and maybe worries about database migration). Any idea when this functionality will be added?

We don’t prefer announcing release dates but multi language support is on top of our to do list. When released you can help us on completing missing translations.

I’m glad to hear that, and I’ll be happy to help where I can with translation when the time comes!