Network Advice on Cabling

Starts at 246m mark and ends at 147m mark haha.

If you have time I would be intrigued to see throughput with say 1 m of that cable next to server vs your 99 m length.
The limit of 100m would as discussed likely be given the spec of the cat5/6 standard and longer would likely see a drop off rather than a complete stop.
Would be intrigued if at approx 100m if that limit is the max to get full bandwidth with reduction after that point or if there is a reduced cut off point that they deem acceptable when setting the reconmended length.
At some point physics of resistance and voltage drop would cause connection failure… Woundering how far you can realistly go if you accept some dropoff.
Kinda tempted to slap ends on a full roll and see if it works at all LOL


What do you mean by this? Connect the client to network with 1 meter cable and look for the delay or performance difference?

I dont think you get a drop in speed and transfer rate with CAT6. Only when it comes to Gigabit bandwidth - I think.

I already used my roll so cant test that but its a good idea. If you have a role and a multi-meter on hand see if you can get the resistance in Ω (ohm) for one wire. I believe its very small voltage that goes through it but somewhat higher current. So resistance of the wire should really be small.