[New 4.1.42] Saving Entity Search Screen columns

Hello. With 4.1.42 release you’ll be able to save Entity Search screen and widget column states.

By right clicking on a column header you can display column chooser to show hide columns or you can change column widths.

There is no specific save function. To be able to save state you need to restart SambaPOS. Refreshing screen will revert to previous state.

These layouts are saved locally under [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS4\Layout folder. You can delete related layout files to reset layouts to default state.

To globally hide a custom field you can enable hide setting on custom field editor.


hi @emre
Unfortunately I could not understand what this feature does
Would you please be more specific of what this feature is used for?

You can save column widths, visibility of columns and filters of Entity Search Screens. According to my todo list that was previously requested.

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Another great feature! Does this work in Tickets screen as well?

so the 4.1.42 isn’t out yet right ?

Yes still under development. Sticky release announcement topic always displays latest available release.

Thanks Emre! Great job (I requested the feature),and sorry, but I have not realised that it was already solved!
Maybe is it also possible to add the characters typed in search field to the things saved?