[New] 4.1.68 Released

  • Pivot table layout settings saved to database so all terminals will see same layout.
  • Right click > Design Mode on customer editing screen will allow you to change layout of custom editors.
  • Entity screens will display back button for all screens if department ticket creation type is Create Ticket.
  • Inventory calculation on work period end optimized to work faster.
  • Two new settings added to change portion selection section. Button Height and Button count per row.

Hmm I hope this leads to what I think it might lead too. :stuck_out_tongue: I like that change btw.

Excellent new features!

Application Ending Event:

Execute Automation Command with Delay: (seconds)

Yes! 30+ seconds down to about 2 seconds… Massive improvement!

Automation > Scripts :: Scrollbar functionailty fixed, and Syntax Highlighting improved:

Not sure what this means… can you elaborate? I checked many areas, and can’t seem to find where this applies…

EDIT: found it… a little tricky to get into Design Mode. In Customer Search or Customer Tickets screen, click New Customer, then just barely Above or Below the Phone field, Right-Click:

I think its for entering customer entities. I’m away so can’t test. Maybe I’m right? I hope so.

Great features!!!
Tonight I will Download latest version!!!

I am not so happy with this tho…

I started to rewrite all reports with report tags, so I could post them here, one of the features I liked is that we would bre able to post the XML file, in wich we had the layout saved… now its not possible, LOL!!!



@QMcKay Entity Editor Design screen shots.

However I’ve noticed a focusing issue with Tab key. I’ll upload a new version (4.1.69) soon.

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@gerlandog layouts saved within related Custom Report so you can share Database Tools exports.

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OK!!! that is a GREAT new FEATURE!!! I will try that tonight!!!

question, the layouts I already worked on, are imported or should I re-do thme?



It will import your layout file to database and delete it. It might be a good idea to save layout files somewhere. If something unexpected happens you’ll need them to fix that issue.

OK… first attempt to export and post a report!.

I am slowly changing (or trying at least, LOL) all the SQL sentenced reports to CUSTOM REPORT TAGS.

I will be posting them as database export so everyone can import them.


Reporte Comisiones.zip (1.3 KB)