[New 4.1.7] Asking Action Parameter Values

This tutorial prepared to demonstrate Ask action parameter features and it prepared to work with ticket based discounts. So it stores discount reason as a ticket tag.

If you make item based discounts you’ll store discount reason as order tag value.

For example.
Order Tag > Discount
Order Tag Price > -5
Order Tag Value > Discount reason.

However it depends on your implementation. Some users used Order Tag Value to store discount percent value so if you’ve implemented one of these tutorials you should either store both values as order tag value (percent & reason), use another tag or use order state to display discount reason. If you have few reasons (eg. discount types) using different order tags might be another solution. Too hard to recommend something without knowing your exact setup.

Thanks Emre. I will respond shortly with a more detailed explanation.

Hi, Busy with creating my Discount button, I have followed the manual exactly and also imported the file asking-discount-button, but no success. possible just a minor what I see over the head.
I get only the discount reason and not the Discount amount.
Any suggestions were to look for this scripting.

You missed something in the tutorial, possibly case sensitive syntax or misspelled. It will be hard for us to help you without seeing screenshots of your setup. Please provide screenshots of your actions, rules, automation commands, ticket tags, so we can help identify your mistake.

An alternative to all of that is to simply go back through the tutorial one step at a time and compare your setup to ensure you didnt misspell or syntax error.

PS. Actually it might be something simple can you show the rule that has the Update Discount Reason action?

Automation Command

Update Discount Action

Update Discount Reason Action

Refresh Ticket Action

Discount Button Rule

End Result No Discount Field

Think ifs because the expression you have in the discount amount action inside your rule is wrong

Just try putting [?Discount Amount] and see if that then gives you the option to input a discount amount when you test pressing your discount button

It probably is that the expression is wrong so it doesnt show

If that works which im sure it will we can look at formatting it further, if i was at my pc id show you the expression you need but im currently in a tent in Wales lol

Hi Rick, getting closer. Now only to get the second field back for the reason

The second field for the reason is still not there

I do see now the discount amount , but also Discount Reason :10 above Ticket opening time

They need to be named differently. Your regex was wrong it should be

[?Discount Rate:[1-9]|10]

Notice you were missing the ] bracket after the 9.

After fixing this your original setup will work. The reason its using both now is because you named them the same…

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Hi @Kendash thanks, Possible need some new glasses. working now.

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