[New 4.1.71] Print Group Ordering with Custom Product Tags

still waiting for the download to appear in ’ downloads’ for 4.1.70 has this been released yet? still showing as 4.1.69 in downloads

4.1.71 Not yet released
When you see a post whit a [New 4.1.??]
This means that it belongs to a future release of sambapos.

4.1.70 not skipped but this is a test release. I’ve posted it under the topic we’ve discussed inventory transaction data schema change.

Funny I just I thought of something like that

Filtering orders by custom product tags implemented.


People who implemented courses already knows when we group orders by Course state we can define sort order with Group Order and State Order settings.

Group Order defines sort order within other states names of the order and State Order defines the order of states.

With new release it will be possible to override State Order by configuring tag orders like we do for custom product tags. So these syntaxes are also supported.

[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER TAG:<tag name>:<sort order definition>]
[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:<state name>:<sort order definition>]

[ORDERS:PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Group=Drink,Dessert] not working for me?
i wanna show only drink and dessert on the receipt but not the other item

it appears {Quantity} {Name} without showing the actual quantity and name

all good now, after restarting? not sure what was wrong
after playing around all good

is that possible to auto group/sort the ticket screen also ?

may i know the difference between product group code and the custom product tag and its usage

i am confused now

This is very easy to setup, but I’ve read many topics and still can’t find a solution to another problem I have.
Is it possible to sort products twice?
I want to be able to select which products are to be served 1st and which 2nd.
For example someone might want his coffee with his starters or a salad as a main meal.
It would be perfect if i was able to print something like this:

So the question is am I able to sort products according to their custom tags as well as be able to add a tag while taking the order to group them in the main two categories??

Thank you in advance!

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Nested groups are not supported. You should either group by course or product group. I don’t understand how separating items by product group helps kitchen staff. Create courses like Starters>Main>Dessert. There is no need to show coffee is a drink. If you search forums you can find some example configurations for course tracking. For example

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I have already read all related topics but I am not so good with automation commands that’s where I need some help.
You are right sorting by product group does not help.It was just an example.
To make it easier, the question is how can change sort priority of products while taking the order?
Instead for printing “pizza” in Main course which is by default, change it to Starters while taking the order.
Is that possible?
I believe there is an automation command which I am not getting right or a topic I’ve missed.
Thanks again.

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Is it possible to have the groups ordered like this , but without the groups name titles appearing on the kitchen ticket?
My chef finds it too confusing to see “Starters/Mains/etc”.

[ORDERS GROUP|....] section defines how group names appears. You can remove {GROUP KEY} tag and add a <F>- or something else to display a separator.

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A massive thanks, we have 2 printers in the kitchen one for starters and the other for mains do can we send the same orders to both printers? Only for checking each other’s orders…

I found the solution for my question))) happy now :grin:


Can we have “Print Group Ordering” tickets, but using Categories, instead of Custom Product Tags?

I’ve tried in SambaPOS in v5, but it’s not working ??

Yes it is working in V5.

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