New Android Client - Potential Bug


Hey Everyone!

I have tested the new Android Client app, and it works great.
There is one thing that is causing some challenges which I thought I would mention here:

When my waiters choose a product from the menu, there are sometimes order tags to be selected, for example: “Filter Coffee” > Order Tags: [hot milk, cold milk, no milk] etc

Now, the new Android client allows for these to be selected, but even though we do, it cannot move to the next activity, giving error “Order tag required”

Then, if you try to select the order tags again, they are already selected, and when you close the selection window it duplicates the order tags in the Textview of the Listview at the bottom.

I could not make screenshots, but I might be able to tomorrow, hope this makes sense?

So far, that was the only issue I could find.


which version do you use?
In 2.0.18 we dont see this problem. Can you update and check it again?

Mobile Client V2 - Order Tag Bug