New Android Mobile Client

Well done on the new Android client! I have installed it on one of the tablets here at our Restaurant and thoroughly tested it. It works great and has all we need now. As always, you did not fail to impress again!

I do have one questions, maybe something simple. Most of the tablets we give to our waiters (servers) here do not have Google accounts, which means we cannot access the Google Play store. Is there an .APK download link for us developer guys to do installations directly on the devices please?

If you decided not to do this anymore, that is also okay, I guess it will make updating easier. Just a word of caution though! Some devices Auto Updates, and this could bring an entire restaurant to a screeching halt if the SambaPOS server is not also auto updated to keep the two softwares in SYNC.

Anyways, well done again.

@adriaanrosecottage thanks. We continue to develop it according to SambaPOS fetaures and will only release and update it on Play Store, this is the easiest way to update it for everybody. But you are right at server side settings. Some updates and changes may be needed on server side if you update the app.

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