New Event: Before Application Screen Changed

Hi @emre

It would be very beneficial I think to have a “Before Application Screen Changed” Event as we could perform “Save” functions and “Prepare” functions before shifting screens.

This would assist in making a lot of “Ticket Aware” functionality easier - for my instance I could Close a no Value Ticket before moving to an Entity Search Screen. Value tickets could be “Parked” so navigation may be possible.

Your thoughts welcome.

Generally thinking… how would it know screen is about to change?

Have no idea? Just a number of other 4GLs have this as a function “Before Event”, just thought it may be available to Emre in his Dot Net tool box.

I am just trying to figure out the logic there… how would that flow… I cant figure out how to capture that event.

Typically the Screen will have a “Lost Focus” Event and a “Before Lost Focus Event” - that’s what I have been used to. Only guessing but, there may be no such facility available…

Yes but how would it know when to capture that? I just cant get that logic. Maybe my brain is strained this morning.

This is not really related but it gives you the idea:

Just typically of Event Classes to have a "Before: Event.

Anyway I would not worry about this until Emre comes back and says whether is can be or might be done.

Hmm reading that I cant find anything that would allow before. The first event available is Enter

How does before ticket closing work :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think its impossible, would be an intercept/hook on the screen changing, before acctually changing screen check if need to run and before change rules, similar to how before ticket close probably works.

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