New Forum Category

Hi Emre/Samba Community,

What do you guys think about a new category for user submitted SambaPOS Databases?

There are many talented individuals in these forums that have created some great features for SambaPOS. I think it would be great way to showcase member talent.

Additionally, this will cut down on initial setup and it will help beginner SambaPOS users to be up and running in very short time.

The idea is similar Android custom ROMs. I always enjoy playing with them. Many times custom ROMs are much better than phone manufacture ROMs

Submit the following information:

  1. SambaPOS version number
  2. SQL Express version
  3. A backed up SambaPOS Database with transactions cleared
  4. Brief description of features included

As per our previous discussion regarding Database management module with upcoming SambaPOS, it should be relatively effortless to backup and restore SQL Express Database.

I think we can do it under tutorials section. Additionally I can prepare a specific downloads section on for sample databases.

I was thinking a new category such as “User Submitted Builds”. If we have a new category, it will keep Tutorials category neat. I think Tutorials category works very well to learn how to create different customizations.

A specific section under Downloads will be great.

Best Regards

Hi Emre,

Any chance we can have an “User Submitted Builds” section?

I am only asking for this to help fellow SambaPOS users to get up and running much faster than doing everything from SambaPOS base build.

A few customization that are easy to change if they are pre-build:

  1. Tax template
  2. Ticket and Kitchen Templates
  3. Opening cash drawers
  4. Rules and Actions

Best Regards,

OK. Can we rephrase “User Submitted Build” category name to a single word?

Hi Emre,

Below are some possible category names. I would urge other users to make suggestions as I am not very creative with words. :smile:


I got some. Pre-configured, express-setups, standard, pre-sets, configurations, tailored, customized

I didnt realize before customized was already said. But the three that fit are


I think one of these will suffice.

So what can we say? Pre-Configured? We can use more words if it will be better. Maybe Pre-built databases?

“Pre-Build Databases” is good description for a category. Thanks.