[New Idea] Receiving orders from Twitter

Twitter is in v5 btw. I use it daily to accept Twitter orders. And for marketing.


Hi, Is this feature being implemented? And where to find any documentation? I need to receive orders from INTERNET and I am thinking to use this one or write a custom API that inject data into DB. Any input on where to find documentation is appreciated.

The twitter setup uses a device available by installing the module but is specifically for twitter link.
There is an API being worked on in beta category at the moment, looking great so far but still a work in progress, new functions being added regularly.
It would be allot better to hold back and use this as creating your own will involve allot of complex work inserting in to many different tables with potential for issues but the ‘official’ API will make everything allot smoother.

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Thanks so much for the answer. We’ll try out the Twitter Module.
Regarding the API, since I have a project to integrate an ecommerce website with SambaPOS, I would need the API integration. Where can we find the beta release? Also, since i run a Software Company, we would be more than happy to contribute to the development free of charge. We have skills in .Net, Java and PHP.
Please let me know how we could help to get the API finalized. You can reach me at info AT digithaigroup.com

It’s down to forum leaders who’s in beta group,
Usually it’s people who spends allot of time of forum and contribute support etc.
its progressing rapidly with some impressive things most days.