New Installation as a Stand alone

Hi Friends.,

I am looking for a POS solution for a small 3 day event outside of our Hotel. And I can’t rely on our existing POS for remote access.
I just found this cool application while Googling.
Since I have a small requirement., I wish someone can help me with suggestions here.

This temporary outlet will be like a Fast food, Customer will Pay and collect packed snacks.
List item Items will not be more than 20 items in Menu.
So I would have direct menu in POS Screen, without any category.
I have Posiflex Touch Screens, and same brand 3 Inch Thermal printers.
I will be installing as Standalone (LAN is not available in the location), So,for the application to run as standalone without network is possible?
I am getting the bill print., how can i make the bill copies 2 nos?
While settling, I am not getting cash option on right side, do i need to activate it from the settings?
I need to print and settle the bills in one click.
How to copy the same configuration, so in all machines same config will be available.
Is word Ticket means KOT(Kitchen order taker)

And one final question is can i use Version 4 for above requirement?
Or should I use Open Source version 3?

I tried Youtube guides, all are in other than English.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, network is not required.

Printing multiple copies of the Bill can be controlled using Automation. For the Execute Print Job Action, you will select the Bill Print Job, and set the copies to 2.

No activation required. You must have broke something to cause this. The default installation has Payment Types of Cash, Credit Card, Customer Account, and Voucher. Did you define a currency? There is no need to do so, and this could cause that issue. SambaPOS has no currency, and does not require a currency definition. If you need to define a Foreign currency beyond your default currency for some reason, you must set it up properly.

Search for Tutorial on Fast Cash setup for 1-click settlement.

Backup the DB on the Source, and restore it on the Target.

If that is what you want it to mean. A Ticket is just a Ticket. How it is subsequently printed or handled is what makes it become a Kitchen Order or a Customer Bill.

Use v4. No need to use open-source v3, since v4 is very customizable without altering source code.

Use the search function in this Forum to reveal all types of guides, setups, and Tutorials.

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Hi QMcKay,
Thanks for your quick inputs and suggestions.

Yes, I tried to add new currencies. I think i have to re-install.
I deleted the currency, it started working.

And while installing, I am getting Campact SQL and SQL Server
Do i need to select both?

Is Data backup and Restore is possible from SambaPOS Manage screen or from SQL?

I must say, this application is so smooth and intuitive., including this forum page.


Choose SQL Server Local DB only.

DB Backup/restore is available via SambaPOS as a paid module, or you can use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), or some command-line executable that may be part of the Local DB installation such as sqlcmd.exe or osql.exe. Personally, I use SQL Server Express 2014 instead of LocalDB, along with SSMS. However, for your small and short-lived implementation, LocalDB will suffice and has a much smaller footprint.

I must say, SambaPOS is the best POS system I have tried. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks Kay…
I am trying to connect to SQL DB using management studio., what would be the user credentials for SQL?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

It’s probably a “local trusted” account (Windows Authentication), so you authenticate as a Windows user, rather than using SQL Server Authentication, but it could be either, or both.

As has been posted in other threads, you can find your Connection String here:


You can also view it in SambaPOS in Manage > Settings > Local Settings.

If there is no username or password specified in that setting/string, then you can use Windows Authentication.

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