New Order Tags not available in GO Tablet


I have created a new product and moved an order tag group from existing product to the new product. Then i sent the menu to the go tablet for like the 5th time. Just to make you aware that this works on both server and all androids. And this is the 2nd time I am having issues with Go Tablet Menu as my previous issue with freetags is not working either

but the issue is:

  1. Go tablet shows the new menu item but not the tag.

Things that i have done so far:

  1. Removed the order tag from previous product.
  2. Mapped the correct product at the Order Tags level.
  3. Checked the TOFFICE Menu and the new tag is not available there.
  4. Refreshed the Go tablet Menu.
  5. Cleared the menu in the TOFFICE 2 times up to now.

Is there anyway that we can add the tag manually???

I dont know what else can i do as it doesnt work only on GO TABLET and TOFFICE. And this effectively make the tablet not usable :roll_eyes:

We will check this again.