New product item input from the sale screen


I wonder if we can automate this with a button/script/action to allow the creation of a new product item from the sale screen.

Not at this stage. Requires too many settings at add a new item.

Why would you need this ?

There are times when the manager is not around and we want to sell some special food or drink. That would be handy for the cashier to manage that instead of waiting for the manager presence.

After some thoughts, I think it would be best if SambaPOS an offer an advanced tools says:

  • allow the admin to create an entity or map the input to one table column for example
  • allow sql script to be run: for example, i can insert into the product table and also insert a new item in the current ticket

just my 2 cents

I want to understand if it is useful for first configuration (eg. setting up products easily) or it is a daily requirement. Can you give more details about how you’ll plan to use this feature?

It is an ad hoc basis but it becomes frequent. Some customers come and just ask something not in the menu (for ex. a cocktail not listed in the menu). As they are loyal customers, we could not just refuse. So we need the possibility of the normal employee/cashier to be able to add the new item.

I see there can be 2 ways to do it: either create a new product item directly from the sales screen or it is just an item specific to that ticket without save it as a new product item.

Create a Misc item and use an Order Tag with Free Tagging ticked.

Simple for the occasional new item and you can save the Free Tags to be used again later.

That’s what we do … we have a special item and free order tag. You can also choose to save tags, which saves the tag and the price to a button for next time.

This will be super useful because for now on the hard part of your excellent program is the many steps that you have to do to add 10 product with inventory. normally the pos systems have those features in one screen :smile:
product name
tax or no tax
quantity inventory
price cost
retail prices

Now I have 1000 products to insert in my new system and I don’t know how many time I need to create
1000 products
1000 inventory item
1000 Recipe
1000 transactions

If you guys can implement those steps in one screen the sambapos wiil be the best POS software in the word.

Is there a way to allow the employees to add products into the system without giving them access to the admin account to add the product into the system?

No, not at this time, though in a round-about way, you could devise a method for an Employee to sell a Product that isn’t in your Product List.

  • create a Miscellaneous Product with Price at 0.00
  • create an Order Tag called Product Description, select the option add the Tag Price to the Order Price, and ensure Free Tagging is selected
  • add the Misc. Product to your Menu, and edit the Product Properties to ensure Auto-select is checked

In operation:

  • select the Misc. Product
  • type a description into the Product Description Order Tag, enter a Price, and click the + button

i did what you siad but when i went to do the operation in (POS) i was unable to type a description i

You never created a tag you just created a Tag Group…

Click on Order Tag List and create an order tag.

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works. must map too. thanks