New Tablet Client Bug


The latest android client wont allow for more than two tickets per table!
The older version allowed my servers to add multiple tickets per table and now that feature is not working anymore. We server multiple tour buses with 50 to 110 people stopping here at the same time, and this helped a lot, however, now I am reduced to move back to pen and paper to speed up the process.


there isn’t a limit for tickets in a table. We test and send a screen shot to you.


Hello, thank you for your response.
I have made a video recording to show you what I mean. Is there any way I can share this screen recording with you? It does not allow me to make more than two tickets.


There is no limit but it forces you to merge tickets. If you press cancel it goes back to table screen so you can’t add more than two tickets.


Hi Kendash
After selecting cancel on the merge tickets dialog, it actually does not take you back to the ticket screen when you press cancel. It takes you back to the tables screen. If I select a ticket item, i select New Ticket, it simply goes into a loop: “Another user has change the ticket since it was last opened.” However, I am the only one here today?


Yes that’s what I said. @VehbiEmiroglu you need to look into it. It’s a bug.


we will check this condition again. Thanks


Hello team!
Any news yet please? I am getting desperate, the SambaPOS and Android client gives a competitive edge and right now, I am wasting lot’s of time trying to split tickets and move orders for each tour bus and it is slowing me down tremendously, is there any way we can get the older version APK file to install which was original just until you can fix this? Sorry guys


We simulated the situation and faced the same issue. We will be checking it in order to resolve.

SambaPOS Support Team


Hello, do you perhaps have news for me? Right now as it stands I am decommissioning SambaPOS Android version at my clients and going back to paper. this is a very awkward moment for me. Please let me know if you have an estimated fix time? I am desperate to keep the edge for all my clients.


Good morning, please may I have an update on this situation? Thank you


I think in next week we will publish a new version. With that you can see this