New user needs complete setup tutorial for walk-in phone order restaurant


I am a new user who just came across SambaPOS and have so far only figure out how to setup my menu with different categories such as drinks and soups plus their price with different size option.

I have installed the sambapos V5 on my computer and I would like to setup my Menu to see if it works for my restaurant needs before purchasing a license.

I have not figured out how to create new orders since when I click on the POS tab after starting a work period. The only two tab I can see are “customer search” and “customer ticket” I can’t see the order screen with all the category tabs containing all the products.

My restaurant is a Phone call and walk in orders only. Our customers are welcome to eat at our restaurant table when their food is ready but we are not a conventional dine-in restaurant with waiters.

Is there a setup tutorial that will show me how to completely setup SambaPOS v5 and have a fully functional POS System on my own windows computer? I have the thermal printer, touch screen, cash drawer.

Here is when I need from SambaPOS

Showing Caller ID for Phone call orders on my touch screen and have the ticket show the phone number and indicate its a phone call Order on printed ticket. Also the POS needs the ability to save customer/order information for future reference once the order send.

The ability to pull up all past orders from regular customer’s caller ID and be able to repeat the same order without reentering the entire order list.

the ability to take walk in customers order and have the printed ticket show its a walk in order.

the ability to take/void/split/merge tickets.

The ability to add/change/remove ingredients from a dish and ingredient price.

The ability to change/add price to a dish.

the ability to revive a void ticket for payment.

the ability to have multiple stations including customer self order stations and have the printed order ticket show correct order number in a sequence.

the ability to close out the register at the end of the day on main POS Station and print the report including all the sales and sale total.

Thanks for the help

Change ticket creation mode in ticket type to something other than select entity.

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Most of these are covered on the forum… Have you not searched…

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Also tutorial is for posting tutorials not asking for them… Have changed to quedtion

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Thanks for the quick response.

The problem is I have no idea what to search for? I have looked through many pages of the thread and can’t seem to find what I am looking for

I have been trying to figure out what to do since 11 this morning and it has been roughly 7 hours. the only thing I figured out was creating product and product category

You want to search for order tags for one part

Void, split and merge are in default setup

Work period can be closed on any terminal

what should I search for if I want to do the following?

I would like to setup order type to show on my screen after log in. Phone order, walk in,

If a phone order comes in and the number shows

How can I click on phone order button to take me to order screen?

I followed this tutorial and created two entities to show on POS screen however only one showed up.

I than closed out the pos and restarted. Now when I click on the POS tab it shows the order screen at once. It does not show any entities now.

I uninstalled the program thinking I will start over but all the settings remained after reinstall.

How can I fix this? or how can I completely uninstall the POS and start from scratch again?


It’s a database that stores everything not the program. You need to just define a new database to connect to.

ok got the new database. thanks