Newbie guides and diagrams

I have been working with the SambaPOS system for a long time, but I don’t have a complete understanding of the system’s functionality. For example, how “accounts” and various operations work. I would like to see an accessible block diagram that links all the key points of Sambapos together. is our knowledge base. We do not have a block diagram.

I constantly read the documentation, but it is not informative. It describes only the most basic functions.

One could be provided with all the materials and tools to build a house. However, that doesn’t mean one can build a house. By learning the methods of construction and how to use the tools, one can build a house.

And that’s where we are.

SambaPOS gives one the materials and tools to build whatever you want it to be, with the forum and knowledge base telling one how to use the tools and what the materials are for and where they should/could be used.