Newbie Questions Set up Fast food


Thank you for all your hard work!! We are opening fast food restaurant in two months. We will use one computer only at the order window with touch screen and cash drawer and printer. We do not need tables. We need to send orders to kitchen and have drinks and treats print out in front, along with customer receipt. I have been through three different POS systems and am getting very nervous here. Some where very bad, My boss wants me to able to print coupons on the receipts when they order certain items. Will i need three printers or two for front? Do you think this program will work for us? It looks great! Wondering how I should proceed. Can you offer any recommendations?

Thank you for your time, you look very busy!
Paula Brown

Yes you can do EVERYTHING you asked. SambaPOS is so modular and flexible it can do anything you need it too. My advice is not to rush it. Read ALL the documentation you can.

I have setup a Quick Service setup you can find it in the Prebuilt Database’s forum category. I recently added tables back in as a request but you can simply delete Tables the instructions are provided in a post near end of the thread.

You are more than welcome to download that database and learn from it…

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Hardware is really your preference. Samba will work with almost any setup. There are some great recommendations in the documentation part of the forum.

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