No button feedback from touchscreen

Hi Emre and team,

I have SambaPOS V4.1.09 installed on Dell Inspiron 2020 Windows 8.1. The buttons do not give any feedback when pressed using touchscreen. Everything else in Windows 8 works as expected. I checked mouse settings, but can’t not find any setting to related to this.

I works properly while using external mouse.

See this video presentation.

Nice video thank you. I think it happens because your system generates touch events instead of mouse events. I’ve updated button code to handle touch events but I don’t have such hardware for testing it atm. I’ll be happy if you can test it with next update (4.1.11) and let me know if it works fine or not.

Thank for quick reply Emre. I will definitely test V4.1.11 as soon as it is released and will let you know if it works properly.

hello @na1978. I’ve tested on a touch screen and v4.1.11 buttons seems working fine for me. Does button feedbacks still not working for you?

Hi Emre,

Food menu is working properly. Entering the PIN is still the same. Thanks for following up.