No Custom Print on zero amount

Hi All

I have some mapping to print certain things if a product is included on the order.

I have it all working until I came to do my free entry product.

I have allowed a zero price on my ticket settings so that I can have some free products.

If I just try to add the free product then I get no print at all from my mapping.
If I add another product as well then it will print the ticket for the other product and the free one,.
If I use change price and alter to a penny for the free product on its own then in prints ok

I am thinking of using some discount method instead of free product to see if I can get it to print.

I am trying to get a free product but I need to mark why its free from a selection of sources. Its for a promotion so I used a product and then portions for the different reasons why its free.

I dont just want to add %100 discount as there can be other products on the ticket which would then go for free.

My problem is that for some reason because it has 0 value it will not map through print job.

The rule to run the print action is when payment processed matches remaining amount of 0 , I dont think changing this will help.

I have to have it like this so that a ticket cannot be printed until it has been paid

Any Help or ideas appreciated

If I gift any of the items that print ok normally then they will no longer print so again if it has 0 balance then it will not print regardless.

If i add an item with any value then it will print the 0 value item print as well.,

Its just when the ticket has 0 value

Have you got some customization of ticket close or print bill actions?
Not tested but sure thats not default behavior.

These are basically entry tickets for admission triggered at end of a sale

I setup print templates for each type of admission and mapped them through a print job to the products so if they appear on the order it will print the admission tickets associated with those products

Print bill actually does show the product funny enough and as a 0.00 price

It just seems to be the mapping wont work for a 0.00 price.

I removed everything from the ticket template todo with price just in case and had simple working for a test and still nothing.

I moved away from it being an individual template issue when I hit gift on a line item that normally works and then it didnt proving it to be a zero balance issue not a line item

My horrible work around for now is to have some print templates that are added when item is added to order.

That works but I will have to have a rule/action/template for each. I dont like that its messy

OK, does normal print bill rule work with 0 addition product?

Yes Normal Print Bill seems ok which I find even stranger

So muct be something to do with the rule event you have chosen.
If you take out remaining amount = 0 can does it print?

None of the prints would work If i did that,

That is the rule value that runs the print jobs action when they press cash or card etc,

If I took it out then the print action would not start at all.

I get your meaning though, Is there another way to start the process. I dont think it would matter. Still if there is 0 value on the ticket it wont run the print.

I think its more of a programming issue connected to 0 balance. Normally if there was a 0 balance you would think nothing is there I suppose.,

I really think I will have to figure another way of doing this unless someone can look deep down lol

No, if you take out remaining amount =0 in theory it would print on every payment not just the last/final payment…

ahhhh, I will try that now

Forget that, know your problem… I think anyway, if there is 0 ticket total there is no payment being processed at all…
Your in a tricky spot as would say use ticket closing where remaining = 0 and ticket total > 0 which I use but total >0 would not apply as there is no total, similar issue as this payment processed method…

Thats what Im thinking yes so it does nothing as it thinks there is nothing to do

Its strange though when I add another item then it prints the 0.00 ticket as well so it knows its there just wont do anything as it s0.00

when the ticket total is above 0.00 it prints the 0.00 item and the one with a value

Its not that strange :wink:

Payment processed rule - doesnt trigger if ticket total =0 as nothing to pay
If you have other products total >0 and payment is made so rule triggers.

when you put it like that then it does make sense, I will try and look for a different rule that works and it still secure and see how that goes :slight_smile:

I am doing my crappy work around anyway to see if that works temp

You might have to be a little creative.
Use a ticket closing event rule any use a constraint along the lines of {TICKET ORDER COUNT EXP:O.ItemGroup=Free Admission} > 0 and another of Remaining Total =0
So if ticket is closed and has a free admission product it prints.
You might want to split the print jobs and handle the free one seperatly to avoid mixups and test with void/refund orders.

I will try that now on just the 0.00 item on its own and see if it triggers , Thanks

If you split it into its own print job its then only handleing the afree admission prints so can drill down the constraints.
If it were a single print job like you have it could potentially allow unwanted prints but specifying more.correct constraints on just free admission print you should be able to rule out loopholes.

I will hunt now for a list of constraints to try it against.

I will try and get it to print first and then as you say narrow it down