No QR Code after installing SambaPOS Connect

I installed SambaPOS Connect, but no QR code shows up at the end, i get stuck in the dialogue window where I need to choose the version of my SambaPOS. I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, etc. The Connect window tells me to rerun the Connect installation. Anyone any ideas?

I make it to the screen that asks me for the SambaPOS version. It has a number above, but no label to the field. What is this alfanumeric number for?

When I click on Generate QRCode, it says: the connectionstring property has not been initialized.

Are you using localdb sql or sql express?

How do I verify that?

I also have a issue with Metrik. I get my QR Code, but when i scan it, it keeps saying Invalid QR Code… how is that possible??

So your using v4 with it I assume. Is it installed and running?

Yes, of course. But that wasn’t my question. Or yours…

Yes, i am using V4, Metrik is installed and running. but when i want to scan my QR Code, it keeps saying QR Code invalid on my smartphone.

Any ideas? It seems to be an exception in the java…

Had the same issue tried uninstalling and reinstalling connect and doing so with antivirus and firewall turned off, checked any relevant ports on router were open etc.
Even tried creating a qr code with the code provided in connect, this was accepted by metrik but didn’t actually sync any data.
Eventually gave up on it, would be nice to have metrik but not a necessity.

Nor sure what to say. It works fine for me. I’m running version 5 with full sql

I imagine we can do better than giving up…

What happened to Emre? He used to provide a swift and valid response to issues…

He is busy working on the next version. He won’t be around much. Most of the official support is through your reseller or the sambapos team. The forum is just a community.

Perhaps it’s not as supported for version 4 as thought.