No tables when login

Hi There!

Im new here and from the netherlands so i will do my best to ask the question in english (sorry)

I want to use this software for our badminton club. We dont use tables, you come to the bar, the barman select de products and the person has to pay direct.

is it possilbe that when a bar employee logs in he seers directly the order screen withoud selecting a table?
And he has to pay at the same time before he can make a new order?

Thanks for youre help!


Yep you can set it so that when you log into the pos from the main menu you are taken straight to the pos screen instead of selecting an entity (tables, customer etc) first

Go to manage - settings - department - select your department and set Ticket Creation method to: Create Ticket:


So quick! Thank you so much!

Is there a dutch version?
Im happy to help translate the software :smile:

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Unfortunately there arnt different language versions at the moment but almost everything, such as menu items, products, automation buttons you have made can be customised in your languageas you can label those yourself

Its just any hard coded settings that cannot be changed at the moment


Hi Rick, I was having the same problem. I did what you suggested but now select table and select customer and new ticket are greyed out. I cannot seem to create a new ticket… Any advice on how to resolve this


Check here to ensure you have Entities selected for the Ticket Type:

Manage > Tickets > Ticket Types > [Ticket] > Entity Type List

Also, ensure that your Department has a valid Ticket Type selected:

Manage > Departments > [Department] > Default Ticket Type

Hi there,
I do have them selected…
Is there a step by step guide how to create entities and tickets and link them. Think i should start from scratch. I have been trying to fix this problem, and suspect i have done more damage than good… Please help

Thanks, i have checked both those and they are ticked and correct…

Create an Entity Type
Create some Entities for that Entity Type
Choose the Entity Types for the Ticket Type

That should be all there is to it.

There must be something else messed up. Can you post screenshots of the same?

Hi QMcKAy…

I will have to have a look at it tomorrow morning,. Need to leave now… and my brain is a bit fried after trying to resolve this issue,… Will have a fresh look at it in the morning. Thanks for your patience and assistance. Will send screen shots in the AM… Cheers