Non-admin settling a bill to customer account

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Apologies if this has been asked before, I have tried searching!

I would like my supervisor to be able to settle/debit a bill to a customer account. I can only see this option available to the admin user. Is there a permission that I can tick or a command that needs mapping to be able to let another role do this?


Posibly, check payment type options.
Also check if came customer as accounts not nesercerraly created by default so if its greyed out may be that looking to different customer than doesn’t actually have an account for that entity.

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If the option is available only for a specific user, that is something to do with the mapping of that payment type. To fix that Go to Manage > Tickets > Payment Types > Customer Account > Mappings > Make sure there are all stars for everyone to access that or you can choose specific user roles

If it’s not available for everyone, it only means that you haven’t created a customer account , you just have the customer as an entity, you will have to edit the customer by going to Customer Search / Select Customer from the POS screen, search for the customer and click Edit Customer, Create Account and that should do it.

Ah! Yep, Tickets > Payment types.

Sorry, I should have thought about that. I’ve been in automation a lot with various printing and thought it was there.

Thank you

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