Non tax for specific customers

Hi all, kindly help on how to set up zero tax on all products for non governmental organisations.

What I would do is specify on an entity bases whether it is tax exempt or not. Then when a ticket entity is changed and it’s of type “Customers” (assumed for this scenario) set a ticket state indicating the exempt status and clear any taxes currently on the ticket. With the ticket state check, see if it’s exempt on every order added event to clear tax on those items.

Modify your entity type and add a custom field “Tax Exempt” with a default value of false and values true,false .

Create three actions:


Name: TX Select All Orders
Type: Select Orders
Select All: True


Name: TX Update Order - Remove Taxes
Type: Update Order
Tax Template: . (just a period, nothing else)


Name: TX Update Ticket State
Type: Update Ticket State
State Name: [:Name]
State: `[:Value]

Create two rules:


Name: TX Order Added - Remove Tax
Event Name: Order Added to Ticket
Custom constraint: '{TICKET STATE:Tax}' [EQUALS] ‘Exempt’

  • TX Update Order - Remove Taxes


Name: TX Entity Changed - Remove Tax
Event Type: Ticket Entity Changed
Execute Rule If: Matches All
Custom Constrains:

  • Entity Type Name [EQUALS] Customers
  • '{ENTITY DATA:Customer:Tax Exempt}' [EQUALS] `‘true’

Add actions:

  • TX Update Ticket State
    Name: Tax
    Value: Exempt
  • TX Select All Orders
  • TX Update Order - Remove Taxes

For readding tax, you’ll have to build your own automation to suit your particular setup.

You also may want to introduce a short-circuit for idiot-proofing asking if the employee is sure s/he want to apply tax-exempt status to the ticket.

The above actions and rules could be modified to react to an automation command instead of using a flag on the entity. But, to me, this increases the possibility of abuse by the staff. If you go this route, I recommend adding to ticket log when taxes are exempted by an automation command.


Thanks alot for your reply, I will apply it and get back. Thank you