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I have a slight problem that’s niggling me.

Setup is 1 front door till, 2 cafe tills and a back office server.

All connected to network and all worked when on my home network.

All connect to server at the soft play centre.

Till 1 connects to till 2 3 and server
Till 2 connects to till 1 3 and server
Till 3 only connects to server only…

Luckily I don’t need to print to kitchen from the front door but the owner would like to send messages to the kitchen from the front door like “can i have a ham sandwich for my lunch please” (his own words! I wanna work there!)

Kitchen printer connected to till 2.

Any ideas? All on the same network… I’ve rebooted and everything it’s an odd one.


Edit: basically I want to add kitchen printer to till3. Path doest work as it pop us error in name but it works on the other tills

Can you ping the other devices?
Check IP and host name.

Are you using static IPs?

I didn’t try to ping to be fair. No static ip only on server which may explain why it can only see that?

So you recommend setting static ips?


I always use static IPs for fixed machines.
It typically means that the core network would still work without router so long as core switch is running.
Using them pretty much takes out the need for the ‘smarter’ parts of the network as so long as you have a decent switch in the middle of it traffic is routed directly between the pcs.

I sometimes couple that with adding the server to the hosts file which would mean with static IP you wouldnt need a localDNS (router) either.

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Thanks I’ll give that a go one night this week.

Not much time to play now as he don’t want me playing whilst their trading.