Number of Persons Prompt when selected table

Hi everyone, I have only one Department and ticket type, and Im using Ticket Tags to prompt for Number of Persons when user select for the first time a table, it means, only prompt when tickets is to Dine In.

The problem its that Prompt its triggering everytime I select a table, it doesnt mind if its already with orders or its available, so I need to prompt only when the table its available.
Also I have another issue, when the prompt shows and select the number of persons, the ticket tag doesnt sets, it means, the action its not working, some screenshots of my configuration, any help its appreciated!

Ticket Tag screen, Ask before creating ticket its unchecked because I dont want to ask number of persons when user select a customer to make a take away order.

Use constraint in your rule {ENTITY STATE:Status} Equals Available


That was fast kendash!!!, that works good for the available table issue.

Still dont know why Action its not setting the ticket tag value selected, ticket tag only works when I use the Automation Command butto inside ticket screen, @madiha couldnt find an answer for the same issue in this old thread:

Entity Selected works as soon as you click on a table button so there is no ticket to update at that moment.

Try using Ticket Entity Changed event.


Now works perfect!!! Thank you very much @emre