Number of Voucher needed to pay ticket

Hi all,

In my country we use Meal Voucher so much because Government and Company give their employees Meal Vouchers every month. They got different type of Voucher books ones got 5 TND each and ones got 6.4 TND etc

When Client step to Pay Ticket he ask of number of voucher he need, example :

Ticket Total : 25 TND
Voucher Amount 5.800 TND

25 / 5.800 => 4.3

You need 4 Vouchers and the reste well be paid in Cash.

I there any way i could add a boutton in payment screen then a pop up show a form i could type Voucher Amount and it calculatE NUMBER OF TICKET costumer need to cut form the book.

Thx a lot for u help

You should be a able to use a Payment Processor and some JScript.

This does not do what you want, but it shows what can be done with JScript Payment Processor:

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Or you can create custom amount (column on the left of number pad in payment screen, 1,5,10,20…)
So, you create button 5.8 you click 4 times Tendered Amount will show 23.2.

Here where you can set custom amount:

I will dig in Script with payment process