Number pad in Order Tag Screen

I was wondering if there is a way to display the number pad in the Order Tag screen?

I can’t answer your question but mine disappeared as well and I’m looking for a way to get it back.

Hopefully someone will jump in here and answer your question.


Good idea. Thank you for sharing it. It is in our to do list.

Hi Emre, has there been any advancement on the suggestion of having the numberpad show up in the Order Tag screen? Thanks in advance.

Hey there, anyone else have solutions regarding this topic?I cant even change price in order tag screen currently

There is no “solution” for having a number pad in the Order Tag screen. Please detail why you think you would need one.

If you are referring to not being able to change the price while the menu item is selected, I understand the issue. There is a workaround for that - build your own Price Change button …

Have also found this issue a pain, makes change price aquard to use.
Would a rule for a new price change button mapped to menu screen left be able to update the last order added? Ie you wouldn’t have to select the product just type price on menu screen numpad and hit change price?
Or is price change action only valid on order line selection.
Obviously wouldn’t work if you were changing price of order higher up the list.

I don’t understand your question. Look at how the Tutorial is implemented. You must select the Order then click Price Change, then type in an amount and click ok.

This is not designed to work with the number pad. It has it’s own numpad dialog.

It is also not necessarily meant for “Open Price” items. Though it could be used in that manner, it isn’t really necessary.

Sorry I was offering an alternative idea/route.
The issue being the default price change button is only available/works when product is selected. And that the number pad is covered by the tag menu if tags are available on that product.
The question was is there a cleaner way round.
Could the update order action be used in a way to make it work on the last order added?
In turn meaning the command wouldn’t have to be on the order selected map and be on the main pos button list and the original pos numpad be used.
I would not like to use the method shown above as personally I would not want to mix the number entering formats.
By which I mean settle screen and existing price change and open price entering use the decimal place, that doesn’t it’s post formatting 4 didgets to xx.xx if I understand it corectly, which would increase the chance of entering say £15.99 for an open priced special as £1599 by mistake.

You can mask the [?input] however you want, to set number of digits, decimal placement, or not, or leave it completely free-form editing.

You cannot affect an Order unless it is selected, and this includes its Price. That is why both the default Change Price button and the custom Price Change buttons are mapped to Order Line. (ok, this isn’t completely true - you can set Order States without selecting them, but you understand the point I’m sure)

It isn’t a problem to select the last order entered - simply set Auto Select in the Menu > Product Properties. If you don’t do this, then I don’t think there is a way to auto-select last order, since the only way to do so would be by Order Id, and technically there is no ID until the Order is Submitted.

An Open Price product does not require a Price Change at all - simply set the Product Price to 0. Then just before you select the Item, type a price in the Numpad, and select the Item.

Thanks will play with the masks.

Do you get what I’m saying about number entry?
Obviously different systems use different masks/types by which I mean if you just type numbers straight off and it adds the point or you add the point for pence.
As rest of samba uses the method that you put the point in (ie 2.5 or 2.50 becomes 2.50 as a posed to entering 250 to be 2.50)

If I change my question, given update order requires selection, can the keyboard be customised to give a decimal point button.
That way it would work in the same manner as the defult number pad.

Yes, you have full control over the Keyboard…

In V5, Custom Keyboard received a bunch of improvements, and the default Numpad area can also be customized and be used to show Automation Commands.

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Thanks, I’ll go down that route I think :slight_smile: