NumberPad automation

Hi All Gurus,

Is there a way to call up or display numberpad via entity button or automated command? It would be useful since when using small numberpad will not allow precise price change. Although on normal computer screen, we could ask user to click on the keyboard button but it would be a big display of full keyboard where only numbers and decimal is needed. Also it would be a hassle for user using android tablet.

what i am looking for is the standard numberpad will be displayed or popup when the change price button is pressed. by having this feature or automation, it will allow having small numberpad setting on menu where more product can be displayed.


Ken Yong

This can already be done ill add the link to the price change button that you can set up yourself and when you press it a keypad appears (which you can customise however you want and can display and letters or number or symbols, there is a short guide for this also)

EDIT - Have a read of this Change Price - Create your own button to control permissions

EDIT - Custom keyboard tutorial Custom Keyboard Codes

hope this helps you


Hi RickH,

Before i posted the request for help, i was following the following thread:

EDIT - Have a read of this Change Price - Create your own button to control permissions

it was not showing the numberpad though which is my “bad” i didnt followed the following thread.

here’s what i had done in order to have the numberpad with decimal point key:

[?Enter New Price ;\d+.?\d{0,2};[0];ON;55,56,57|52,53,54|49,50,51|8,48,190]

Thanks alot RickyH without you guide i might still not be able to get it done. Now i can hae small numberpad in the menu as it will be showing more items.
only when the Price Change Key is hit will the numberpad apears.

Thanks Lot.


no probs glad I could help and point you in the right direction