Object reference not set to an instance of an object - MC3 on Apple IOS

im using 5.5 server and MC3 on ios iphone

after putting order in, and hit close button, it shows this

and the table status didnt change colour

how to debug ?

Looks like your setup with entity screens may be the cause can you share that.

I have noticed that orders from MC3 is not registering with table (ZZ)
Orders from windows apps can register table (ZZ) correctly

Check that entities settings what does it belong too.

all fixed - Entity Type List on Ticket Types wasn’t selected after Entity Name changed.

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The way mc3 works is totally different than sambapos. It is not using a direct sql connection. We will keep improving it and adding features. Right now if issues like yours come up we find it has a lot to do with entity screens, entity names, etc. especially if you change names of entity types