One database, different work periods

We need to make our system with 2 different work periods at 2 terminals. How can we do it?

Don’t think you can, what is it your trying to do and there’s probably another way we can suggest

It sounds like you want to be able to separate the tills within the same work period eg separate payments on each till etc?

I need to split 2 cash drawers. They have divided logically already. But we need to make sure that their accounting was tied to the opening and closing of the shift.

Work periods are for reporting not splitting shifts. There is a thread tutorial showing how to do what you want. I’ll search for it for you one moment.


Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts do search for that.


Then when you close work period it closes all tills together, so you can cash them up separately against each tills accounting and then close work period