One foot in .. one foot out (rookie and weary)

hi everyone,

I’m thinking that i’ll possibly be giggling about this post in the future but i’m going to just open up and let you all cast your own replies.

In four days I will be opening my very first restaurant / bar. I have a great deal of experience in the industry and can easily handle many aspects of it but when it comes to choosing a pos system and/or software i am completely in the dark.

Seems like everyone in the area has payed a very large amount of money on their pos and we have some decent options (i think) and the capital ofcourse but i’m kind of feeling like most anyone that demos me a system seems like they are sorta crooks and not answering any direct questions i have.

then here is sambapos … is this thing too good to be true? have i really found an open source , non-cloud based system with an active community that is merely trying to help everyone succeed?!?

anything i should be weary of before making this the pos my staff and i rely on?

thanks in advance

SambaPOS literally can do anything you need it to do. The community is awesome. You should not fear anything. Yes it is almost too good to be true. Its quite possibly the best POS out there bar none. SambaPOS4 is not open source… however It is almost better than open source as you can configure it to do what you need without having to edit source.


awesome! thanks kendash.

how is it with privacy and security?

i really like to think that noone will ever try and steal … but i’ve come across one situation at a different establishment that i did marketing for where one of the manager’s was creating hidden buttons that said the same things on the screen and ticket but the money would be different.

as an admin im looking to have safe restriction of manipulating the interface by staff members.

(ps the more research i do on this the better it gets! sambapos is certainly in the front running for my point of sale software!!)

Just dive in and study it well. It has control over users and what they have access too.

We’re doing just the opposite. We openly talk about everything (eg. missing features, wildest SambaPOS issues) here. Everybody knows what it can do or not.

I think you are referring to “real cost” of SambaPOS here. Still majority overvalues software itself however software does have no value. If you are using same POS system with your competitor you won’t be able to implement different ideas because most systems dictates restaurants to work aligned with some pre-defined work flows. If it supports x promotion feature everybody does it… That approach really gives too few options to compete better. When you read more forum topics you’ll notice everybody’s SambaPOS works / looks different. We believe what valuable for your business is your experience / knowledge so you should be able to customize / automate your system according to your business needs.

as @Jesse stated as you study it more you’ll learn ways to improve security for your business needs.

SambaPOS is FREE.

Yes, it is true: you pay nothing for the Software, and you pay nothing for Support. The Community here is fantastic and very helpful. Why? Maybe it’s our way of giving back for something that we had to pay no money for. Maybe because it’s interesting, fun and exciting. Maybe it’s an addiction.

SambaPOS is Powerful.

The power is is built in by default, and it is scalable. It works right out of the box with very little configuration, though you can make it behave in ways that fit your business model and workflow. This is due to the fact that…

SambaPOS is Flexible.

Though it is closed-source as of V4, there is little-to-no reason to change the source code, because the system allows for an extremely high degree of customization through it’s Automation System and Modular approach which is infinitely expandable. And if SambaPOS doesn’t have a desired feature today, it will have it tomorrow, because it is actively developed and supported through suggestions from the Community.

SambaPOS is Secure.

You have complete control over user permissions in all required aspects. You can lock it down for most users, allow for Manager functions, or open it up wide for the Administrator.

SambaPOS is better than “Too good to be True”It is Great, and this is TRUE.

Other POS Systems are about money-making opportunities for vendors because everyone needs a POS, and then they need one that is better, with more customizations and features, and people are forced to pay more and more for the expansion. Even though there are some SambaPOS modules that you might pay for, the cost is low, and they are well worth the price. Many modules are FREE as well. You may well find that you don’t need any of the Modules, but even if you do, and you buy ALL of them, your Total Cost of Software would be a ridiculously reasonable $62.85 as of today.

SambaPOS is worth the investment of your time to learn how it works.

Download it. Get started with the reading Tutorials and configuring it. You will be surprised at how easy it is. You will be pleased. You might even think it is fun once you get the hang of it. :wink: