One menu which contains one item from each Entree + Main + Dessert

i am looking for a solution , i hope anyone can help me.

in my restaurant shop, we have Entree , Mains and Desserts

i want to create a Special Menu which contains some entree items, some Mains items and some desserts not all. i dont need Prices for each item because only Menu Price Matters.

the solution i am looking for to create a button name Special Menu with price 20 €, and when i click it ask for choose 1 Entree from the configured after select 1 Entree then it should ask to select 1 Main and then 1 Dessert. At the end it should show Special Menu Price 20€and below all the items i have selected.

And for example if a client select 1 Entree and he want to choose Main item and dessert after , then is it possible that we select 1 Entree and send this to Printer and if we reopen the table it ask for choose the Main and Dessert.

Any help will be appriciated.


How about this.

Create 3 products: Entree, Main and Dessert. Add your menu items as portions. Here, I set all the Entree prices to 20 € for each portion while the price will be 0 for all Main and Dessert portion items.

Create an Automation Command to display the button on the POS screen, don’t forget the Mappings.

Create 3 Actions: Add Entree, Add Main, and Add Dessert.

Create a Rule to handle Automation Command, so that when the ‘Special Menu’ Button is clicked, it will add Entree, Main, and Dessert to the ticket. Don’t forget the Mappings.

Here some screenshots.

When you click the Special Menu button, it will add 3 items.

You can choose the exact items for each Entree, Main or Dessert by selecting the portion name.

Don’t forget to set the Ticket Type settings to Allow Zero Priced Orders, so that it won’t prompt you when there are zero priced order items.

Using this method, you can create recipes for all menu and it will decrease the inventory when someone makes a purchase.

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Thanks i will test this and let you know.

i also want to add only 1 item from Entree, 1 item from Main and 1 item from Desserts.

how can i do this?

I’m not sure I understand what you meant. But in above setup, every time you click the button, it will add 1 Entree, 1 Main and 1 Dessert. If you click it again, it will add 1 Entree, 1 Main and 1 Dessert again below the first three items (it’s like the last screenshot). So technically, it adds only 1 Entree item + 1 Main item + 1 Dessert item each time you click it.

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