One of my many projects

So one of my 10 projects I have going on is a new web design for our restaurant. I plan to launch this to coincide with our remodel next year so I have lots of time. Here is what I have so far I started with a great parallax template. All images are placeholders until after remodel and I plan to get professional photos to work with.

I will show more of it as I work on it.


Anyway it will be nice when its finished. Its a big task because some of the other projects I started I want to incorporate into it. I am going to allow online ordering through this website. The domain will also house my admin panel that I was building for reporting etc.

PS Most of those photos are just stock photos except for the main page photo at top that is our actual restaurant and the pic near bottom of the News Letter area that is my wife in purple at the main grill area. All of those photos will be replaced I am just using them for design ideas atm.

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Would love to to.see the on line.ordering. that is one of our goals…


I have not began work on it yet but here it is with 100% pure placeholders atm.


The template I am using is called Foody. Very nice template, clean and efficient easy to edit. Cost me around $16 well worth it considering the time it will save me. The logos, pics, copyright etc will all change of course.

My online ordering will be mostly static. I mean it will not require custom ticket functions etc so I will be using GraphQL for placing orders and creating online tickets, updating kitchen screen, and printing tickets etc. All online orders will have same state flow etc so I wont have to worry about creating a POS type system I can use GraphQL to feed static orders and create tickets that can be modified from SambaPOS if needed but wont need any modifications via online. So what I will be doing will be different than PMPOS. I think I have everything I need to do it now… but if not I will ask @emre when the time comes.


Did my first custom photo. Took a pic of our fish lol.


I strongly suggest to think about mobile browsing & responsiveness :wink:

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The template was very well done it is fully responsive. That pic is very small and it dramatically reduces on mobile. The fading and text is js, css, and html. Alot of it may look like images when its not. Example the orange hexagon images with the white icons is actually 100% css and a font awesome js plugin. The icon is just a font. I am pretty impressed with the template so far it was well written.

Ill demonstrate one sec.

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I did just notice one if my pics is not right size for the mobile parralax notice the gray at top when i scroll to the newsletter part.

Still got a few images to add but here is performance so far with the big images already there. I will be doing optimizations once I get my real professional photos done. This is simulated on a 3g 1.5m/750k connection which is probably slower than most people have considering most are on 4g phones now. All the placeholder images I exported at max image quality smallest compression so I will probably change that once I get my real pictures done.


Iphone 6:

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Just optimized 2 of the pictures. Same simulation:

Quality is virtually the same:

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Now I need to design a new logo for our business. We never had a logo we just had the name on front of the building. Currently it says Moore’s Dairy Creme we are shortening it to just Moore’s and going to add a logo.

@JTRTech wish you lived close I would so hire you to build us a logo sign for front of our building. The one you did for your hotel is awesome. We have limited companies to work with here due to us being small country town surrounded by small country towns lol.

Logo will replace the Foody logo currently on the flyout.

PS that giant softserve ice cream machine in background of that image has been a thorn in my side for a while. Those machines are expensive! and that one has never worked right. ok rant off.


lol. I read that like software ice cream machine :slight_smile:

Here is my visitor persona. I want to see… (in priority order).

  1. Open days / hours, location, phone.
  2. More photos to have an idea about the venue.
  3. Menu (to have an idea about the cost). I find it on zomato if they don’t have.
  4. Food photos. Info about specials.
  5. I like to read Foursqure comments so I appreciate if they have a link to their profile.