One table 4 different customers

Hello to all. Are there a way to add 2 or more bills to one table.

For example.

There are a friends goup at Table number 10 (Dont ask me why 10 and not 9 :D) say 6 people. Every body want pay its own bill at the end. I want to make someting like Table 6-1, Table 6-2 and etc. At the moment iam doing that with customer names but sometimes people wont give names or details.

  • Choose a table
  • Take your first order and press Close
  • Then go back to the table
  • On the left press Add Ticket
  • Add your next order and press Close
  • Go back to Table again and add another customer order to it.

Then you have multiple ways of split payments.
individual Ticket settle or on Settle screen, highlight an item, take the payment, highlight another order and take another payment…etc.
I’ve made a gif below sampling all of the above.


Tank you very much Shivan.