One Terminal somehow Auto Logs Off

Allright. After building our first complete system with 3 terminals, 8 printers and 3 drawers my boss was impressed. He asked me to do the same for another local business of his, and I could not turn down the opportunity.

This time it’s going to be 2 terminals, 1 server and 1 handheld. The handheld is going to be added later using RDP.

But right now I’ve ran into a weird issue. The server and the bar terminal handle payments perfectly, both cash, credit card and Customer account transactions. However, the terrace-terminal logs off everytime a payment is made, it does not matter whether or not it’s Cash, CC or Customer transaction. I have no Auto-logoff actions or rules set, and if so, it seems weird it only does this on one of the terminals. There’s no difference in using Quick payments or the settle screen. The system does register the payment as such.

I’ve checked the ticket closing actions, but to no luck.

In the screenshots attached are my current rules.

I was wondering if there’s something I’m missing, or someone else has had the same issue.

Verify this setting is NOT checked for the Terminal in question …

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I didn’t even know Samba implemented that feature already :’)

And that I was so stupid not to see this.

Thanks man!

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