Only 1 Tablet Doesn't Print Bill

Everything working 100% across all our tablets… except for 1.

This tablet still prints to the kitchen perfectly but when I want to print the bill it simply does not print.

Does anyone know where I can start to debug this issue?

Kind regards,

Could be in print job mappings or rule mappings.

Ok thanks I’ll check that out. It just weird since the other tablets work.

What is the setup? Are you using the mobile app or Windows tablet with full samba?

I had wierd issue as well

My customers printer was not printing from POS but was printing from tablet. He had spare printer. changed it and had same issue. Tested cables with tester and it was fine.

it was a kitchen printer. Bar is using same model of printer and it works 100% fine

In the end I added new printer on windows using kithens printer ip for port and choosed generic driver for printer to install. Then on sambapos I choosed printer type ESC\POS emulated printer.
(I am always using type of printer ESC\POS emulated printer for samba pos)

If I choose windows printer ticket comes as crap cuz it’s a basic drivers. But if you choose ESC\POS emulated printer ticket should come fine.

Have no idea why this happened tried to reinstall printer drivers and etc. But problem was keep coming back.