Only print drink orders from App

Hello, does anybody has an idea about how to print only drink orders when I make an order with the tablet.
The aim is that I only have 1 terminal and a small bar and it would be nonsense that drink orders that are directly typed on the terminal would additionnaly print and waste paper…
But the orders made by the tablet are made on the terrace, and when the terrace is open 2 waiters work and 1 is prepairing inside and the other is taking the orders.


On the “Print Orders to Kitchen” Print Job, just set the Terminal to the terminal name of the tablet:

This means it will only print if sent from the tablet, and won’t print otherwise.

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Hello. I tried that and it is not working. Have you set it up like this and it works?

Make sure you are mapping the correct print job. It will work if it’s done correctly

Show a screenshot

I made a workaround which allows me to print however and this is by creating a new ticket type. When I use this ticket type, then the printer behaves how it should. The problem is that I cannot merge tables done via the tablet with tables which I created from the POS screen. This is due to the ticket type because I cannot merge different ticket types.
Just to be sure I am talking about a printing problem with tablets with the Android App.