Onscreen keyboard not working for Entity Screens

V4.1.12 - Onscreen keyboard is not working for any screens.
This includes Entity screens, POS screen, Ticket Notes.

Update - Works ok on my Win8 Tablet, doesn’t work on my Dell Touchscreen Laptop.

Hello John, How it does not work? Buttons does not click or does not updates text area? Does it work with mouse on your laptop?

When touching the onscreen keyboard the buttons flash but do not update the text area. Same with the mouse. Only the physical keyboard works.
This is anywhere that you can normally use the onscreen keyboard.

Do you have chance to try if V3 keyboard is working or not?

V3 working without any issues.

o’rly? I’m surprised.

Yes JohnS is correct, the onscreen keyboard on the customer search entity screen does not work with mouse clicks or touchscreen only works with actual keyboard.



  1. Does not work even you click on (activate) search text box?
  2. Was it working before 4.1.13?

Dear @emre, it did not work on 4.1.12, do not know on prior versions, but does show the click, but does not print on screen what you clicked…


OK got it. Seems like an 64 bit issue. Will work fine on next update.

i am using windows 8 64 bits… jajajjajajajaja, did not think about it… let me check on a 32 bit machine

ok… on a 64 bit its not working, an din a 32 bit mashine it works!!!

good thinking…


This makes sense as I’m running 64 bit. Look forward to the fix.

I don’t know if anyone else has been having this issue, but since I have been using V4 (and running 99% of the time), I have had issues where the Touchscreen ends up non-responsive and I need to put the laptop to sleep and wake it up again to get it working.

I have not used V4 for the last 4 hours and had no issues. When I did exit out of V4 the touchscreen was not working, and then after some time it started working correctly.

Could there be a .Net Framework bug maybe with V4?
Never had this issue when only using V3. Never have any issues with my Asus Win8 32bit Tablet.

Dell Inspiron 15R Win8 Pro 64bit.

On-screen keyboard now working on Windows 7 64 bit on v4.1.14.

Reliability wise untested…

Do you notice any other issue such as slowness, high memory consumption, etc?

There is nothing noticeable. I’ll keep monitoring and see if I can narrow down the issue.