Open/Closed Table Reading in Metrik Stopped working after UPgrade to V5.5.0

Hello Guys,

After upgrading my client to V5.5.0, She suddenly noticed that the Open/Closed(For Open & Closed Tables) stopped working in her Metrik App for 2 days now.
I tried restarting the Metrik App in Services, but still the the table reading aint coming. but all other Values are coming up. Only the Open/Closed.
And my clients is very particular with the reading.

I have a picture uploaded. Please is their a way to resolve this?
Best regards.

It isnt about with new version. Can you please chek it again

How do i check? Every other thing is working except the Open/Closed table .

And what i can i do?

Can you please send QR code and license email to me

The license Email is

I will check.
Also we will release new app in a few days