Open drawer from Till not Printer

I just pulled out an old till from stock room as I want to start using 2 tills.

I haven’t got a printer for the second till but it does have 2 RJ12 ports to allow the till drawer to plug in. It is a manufactured till.

Would anyone have any idea how i can make the till drawer work from one of these two ports as appose to through the printer?

Support isn’t too good on these because of age. Maxatec GT-150



If you can communicate with that through serial port you can send commands to cash drawer by using port printer.

However some POS hardware only allows specific software to access such peripherals.

I’ve also remembered some users requested to execute a program to open cash drawer. If some exe file exists to open that cash drawer you can use start process action to execute that.


Thanks @emre no program exists to execute cos i installed a new windows on it.

Ill give it another shot today, thanks for the reply! :smile: