[Opinion] Category Selected Order Tags Showing Up in One Screen Inconsistent Confusion

When you click a order that already has order tags selected the order tag screen combines all the selected order tags into one screen and shows that instead of the usual first category screen that it shows when an order is added. This is causing confusion especially for inexperienced waitresses because they don’t realize what is going on and they think that their order tags are disappearing. They are used to always seeing eggs style order tags when #2 Two Eggs is added but when they go back in they’re seeing something else and panic with confusion.

I just wanted to give my opinion and maybe gather some more opinions on this feature. I personally see it as very annoying and its causing every waitress that I try to teach the system to confusion. I think that consistency is key when trying to learn a program and I feel like this feature breaks that.

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I dunno I can see how some people would want it to do that. Perhaps we need something to make it optional.

Remember that everyone uses order tags differently. What might not work for you works really well for someone else. A lot of behaviors like that were in fact often requests in the past.

For now you can train them to look at the actual order to be sure what tags are added.

I like the way it is tho. It is faster to edit order tags.

That’s what I mean. Some people would not want it to change. Me personally I would want it to show all added tags on one screen when going back to the order. I think it’s less confusing and faster vs having to find them in categories.

Yeah I could definitely see why someone might want them on one screen. I dont like requesting features just for our own use case scenario as I know it stresses emre out lol so I was hoping some people could understand our point and we can maybe add an option to turn it off.

It doesn’t bother me personally but most waitresses are 30-50+ and dont have much logic. They dont understand the concept of selected order tags categories showing up after you reelect a ticket.

Still don’t get why they don’t understand.
If it really hard to understand, just tell them click the first grouping buttons then :stuck_out_tongue: