Optimisation for SQL and network

I used SQL express server for sambapos and sometimes I had a problems with program speed like a freezing on terminal PC. I don’t understand what’s a problem, but not in terminal PC, because I saw perfomance monitor and I didn’t saw problem with perfomance. I think that a search the problem must be in network or database. But I use only wired network for our nodes with sambapos. Where I can find a solutions?

Is issue present also on machine with SQL on it?

How many GB’s of RAM does your SQL Server machine have?

POS are freezing at work. We use 3 PoS, 1 server with “MS SQL 2017 Standard” in our network. 2 Terminals are connected via ethernet cable, 1 is connected via Wi-FI (temporarily). We found a pattern - sometimes one of the terminals when printing an order for a printer - freeze. In this case, all other PoS stops printing. I think the problem is in SQL query processing. How to optimize the process and deprive freezes? SQL server has 8GB of RAM.

How are printers connected?

we had a problem of poor communication with the printer via USB
because of this, the print service did not work (spooler)
had to restart the service 20 times a day.

solved the problem by switching to printers with rj-45

Must be a network or shared printer for all to be effected.
Guessing you mean a kitchen printer as a local printer issue shouldn’t effect other terminals in any way.
Need more info about setup really.
I will guess your sharing printer from server and jobs are being spooled/rendered on server hense issue stops others printing. If it were networked and setup as network printer on each machine a local spooling issue shouldn’t effect other machines.

Nope. All printers connected with ethernet. Which information about my system you need?

So none of the printers are shared? Each one is setup individually on each terminal? SQL Server wouldn’t cause printer issue like that.

That doesnt mean they are not shared.
Can you show how the printer is setup in windows.

Here’s the configuration. Other terminals have the same printer configuration. Configured individually on each terminal. + each terminal has one additional printer, which is configured only on it.
LT-004-6 LT-004-5 LT-004-4 LT-004-3


Html printing is not the fastest for some printers. It can cause pauses as it renders big orders.

We have no other choice, as there are no printers with support for encoding of the Georgian language.

The problem with the program hang persists. Just got a call and was told that once all the terminals too long to process requests. The program hangs on each terminal and the waiters have to wait for 5 minutes. Please write how to diagnose the problem.

I still don’t understand how one print on a terminal would freeze up the others…

Maybe it’s not the printer, but the database? Or the server? The network device? Tell me how to diagnose similar problems with your software.

Just to clarify, I’m just a reseller, it’s not my software and I don’t work for samba.

All machines freezing to me would suggest a common issue to all machines pointing towards network or server.
Both of which are things hard to diagnose remotely without good knolage of the system.

Finally, I found this error and fix it. If you LAN have a multiple switches -you NEED TO USE IGMP SNOOPING.

Unless you have hundreds of terminals, I don’t see how IP multicast is needed. Maybe vlans would be a better way to segment even through multiple switches. Interesting, though!

How many switches do you have?
The hotel must have at least 3 routers depth and several wide, although saying that think fixed terminals all to go back to the one, but tablets are on aps 2 if not 3 switches apart from that main one running full samba on windows…

I have 1 router mikrotik RB2011UiAS with 10 ports, 1 PoE switch Trendnet TP224WS (management) and mixed switch Tenda (it’s installed in rack) and remote switches on street (1 gbit unmanagement d-link 5 ports, also unmanagement poe-switch Tenda). All switches connected to Mikrotik (“star” topology). So, when street terminal tried to connect to server without IGMP snooping - the terminal doesn’t saw the server.

Sounds more like misconfiguration somewhere. Do you use vlans?
I have run some pretty convoluted network setups in the past and never even looked at igmp.
Are all devices on static ips?
One think I have found sometimes helps when facing issues is to use static ip and use the ip address for server rather than hostname…
I may be wrong but beleive ip is a lower layer than hostname and should work with even most rudimentary network config.
Alternatively defining the hostname in the hosts file to locally resolve to ip rather than network dns.
First thing I would try in your situation would be ping server hostname and ip address from temrinal to check basic contact between them.