Option to disable Order Tags printing to kitchen

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An option to disable Order Tags printing to kitchen would be a great benefit for US based restaurants. Not sure if it is easy to implement. Maybe you can add a checkbox “Do not print to Kitchen” under General Setting for Order Tags.

Order Tags should print on Customer Receipt.

Usage Case: All Order Tags that are prepared by Servers/Wait Staff should not print to kitchen.

  1. Hamburger
    French Fries
    Cup of Soup, Side Salad, Desserts etc.

In most cases Soups, Salads and Desserts are prepared by wait staff and they should not to print to kitchen.

This is a low priority request, but it would be an enhancement to Order Tags.

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How order tags gets printed controlled by printer templates. We have an example here

Search for General Modifiers to see an example about formatting specific order tag’s printing.

Leaving [ORDER TAG] section empty will complately disable order tag printing.


I can see why in your implementation you would not want them sent to the kitchen but mine for example it is crucial they are sent to the kitchen. I use order tags to tell the kitchen how to make the products. Example: when a hamburger is ordered the menu button is just hamburger then they select the order tags to tell the kitchen double, single, what condiments to put on it etc.

But yeah as emre said that function is controlled by your printer template you have total control over the output of kitchen tickets, customer tickets etc.

May I ask with your system if your using order tags to add products to order like a combo how do you tell the kitchen how to cook the hamburger etc?


I was not aware I can disable certain Order Tags using Printer Templates. I will use Printer Templates to disable our Order Tags that are not needed to print to kitchen.

It seems Printer Templates is complicated way to accomplish this task. Having a checkbox might be very useful for newbies like me. :smile:


I use Order Tags to add modifiers to products. In certain cases, Order Tags do not need to print to kitchen because they are not prepared by kitchen staff.

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That makes sense. I was misunderstanding you. You use both types of order tags. Ive been trying to figure out my TimeClock screen all night. Sometimes when i focus in on something my mind gets very linear. My apologies…

@na1978 after using it for a while you’ll understand we have good reasons not to have a Print To Kitchen option. In some venues even there is no kitchen so we prefer to not to harcode such things to be able to keep it flexible enough.

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Sounds good. I agree.