Order delivery status?Urgent!

Can we know how long it took for order to be delivered? can it be viewed in reports?


So for Kitchen Status - Preparing, the following should work.


i am sorry but can you elaborate where do i need to put these constraints.

do i need to put a deleiver button to know how long it took to prepare…i am asking where kitchen module is not included.

These are Printer Template Tags, so the info can be used in various areas. But not in reports as they are summaries of all sales.

Yes you would need a Delivered button as you need to change the Ticket State from Unpaid to Delivered to save the time. This will require a little work. You would track the Unpaid time.

Why do you need this ?

well i want to know how long it took to deliver an order? as when it went to kitchen till it got delivered to customer…will help in improving the efficiency and staff performance i guest

I understand that, but there is so much info needed to understand the time frames, like what was ordered, time of day, etc.

Option 1

As a simple example, you can have a Delivered button that when pressed will record to a file,


TKT 1 - 20/06/2014 12:31 AM - 2 mins

Automation Command Button - Delivered

Action - Order Time. Change the path to your SambaPOS4 folder in My Documents.

Rule - Order Time

File C:\Users\Office\Documents\SambaPOS4\OrderTime.txt will have an entry for every time Delivered is pressed.

Option 2

The next option, is to have Last Order Duration saved as a Ticket Tag so you can pull up a Table and see how long they have been waiting since they ordered.

Action - Order Time Tag

Rule - Order Time Tag

Result is an Order Time Ticket Tag showing how long since the last order was sent to the Kitchen.

thanks for the solution once i implement will let you know the outcome :smile:

@JohnS i have try both option but both of them not showing any results?

Can you be more specific ?
Are they not working or not what you want ?

both not working

option 1 ---- no txt file created
option 2---- order time cant be seen

Are you creating mappings for the Rules?

option 1 have done the mapping on ticket
option 2 -----i didnt but after adding mapping * its working

Have you also set the mappings for the Rules in option 1?

i hadnt done the mapping under the rule but after doing so get this access denied message

what object name should i put to give access right to sambapos

Change the path to the file. It’s pointing to my SambaPOS4 location.

C:\users\office does not exist on your computer.

ya correct i change the path and now its working

i also added a show message that once order delivered it will tell the user that order delivered to make itt user friendly

call this action on rule and end result will be

thanks alot @JohnS for your cooperation and support