Order Filter for Ticket LIster ** RESOLVED **

HI , Todays question…

Is it possible to have more than 1 filter in ‘Order filter’

I have a Ticket lister that I want to display products from 2 different groups.

the groups I have are

I want the lister to just display groups 10 & 15

the filter I am currently using is ‘{GROUP CODE}’ = ‘10’ which shows me everything that is in group 10 - but I need to also include Group 15

Is this possible and if so how would I type this to include another group.

Many Thanks for your help


no one any ideas? surely someone must have the same setup ?

I have now sorted this - it was as simple as changing to ‘{GROUP CODE}’ < ‘20’ so now all groups less than 20 are displayed! why I didn’t think of this before!! often it’s the simple things when you expect it to be complicated :slight_smile:

all sorted and my SAMBAPOS setup impresses me more each day! it’s brilliant! :slight_smile: All I need now is for the solicitors to hurry up with our lease so we can open our business and ‘Go Live’

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