Order number on bill

I want to add order number on the bill. Please help.

Put {TICKET NO} in your template.

Thank you very much.

can you please help me with the printing too? I want to print a receipt that will be retained by the restaurant and the final bill given to the customer. Mine is a QSR where the customer gives the receipt containing food item and quantity to the food. Kindly, help.

You just want two copies? There is a copies option on print job action or you could add the action twice.

No i do not want two copies. I want one with just the product name and quantity and the other with the amount. But both to be given to the customer and then the customer gives the one with product name and quantity at the repective food counter and keeps the bill with amount for himself

Ok so you make the reduced template, and create a print job and action for it then add that print action to the rule where you want it to be printed.

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Thank you very much. This has been really helpful.