Order ot printing what i done wrong?

Hi, I need py pizzas to print on pizza printer. Printer is installed and works properly. Here is what I done but it is not printing. Am I missing some part action, rule or anything ells ?


I would look closer at the action, your likely wanting it to be similar to the default kitchen print in that it only prints new orders…
Also where have you put the print pizza action? In what rule and where?

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Managed to make it print but have new problem When I place the order for the first time it prints all OK. But if I decide to add to that order something new than prints again first order with addition

of new item. So if I first time order one pizza it will print one pizza. If I ad one more pizza to the order than prints first and second pizza together…Please help

Finally sorted out. Had to rearrange Closing Ticket rules…

No you likely will break something else doing that. Instead look here:

Also put it BEFORE your Update Ticket State and Update Order Status actions in that rule.

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Thanks all working good now